The quality policies of our company that operates designing, planning and manufacturing activities with the firm Ironmak Machinery ;

• To have a corner on the international market due to the increase in our production quality.

• To make the Quality Management System more effective by continuously improving the elements of the system and to perform the required tasks to provide conformance to the conditions.

• To ensure customer satisfaction,

• To provide employee satisfaction, to train our staff both as individuals and as a part of the corporate,

• To get our personnel adopted the quality management system and the continuous improvement principals, and make it a working discipline, and always review it,

• To supply productivity, ease of use and continuously develop them by keeping pace with the technology and our R&D works,

• To be sensitive and also respectful to the environment.

We, as the personnel of Ironmak Machinery, guarantee that 100% good products and perform all of our processes in accordance with our quality policy.