Ironmak Machinery manufacture aftermarket hammer & drill bits spare parts of hydraulic rock breaker machines for the brands like Furukawa, Atlas Copco, Rammer, MSB, Montabert, Indeco, Fine, Okada, Toyo, DNB, Deamo, Hanwoo, Komac, Krupp, D&A, Daemo, Soosan and many others.

We mainly manufacture alternative spare parts for BR555, BR999, BR1533, BR2155, BR2577, BR3288, BR4099, BR5011, BR7013, G88, BA2323, E60, KB150, KB200, KB300, KB350, KB400, KB1000, KB1500,KB2000, KB3500, KB3600, KB4000, KB4200, KB5000,F6, F12, F19, F22, F27, F35, F45, F70, 501NG, 900MS, V32MS, V45, V55, V65, V1200, V1200MS, V1800, V2500, V3500, V4500, HM170, HM171, HM180, HM185, HM190, HM190V, HM800, HM900, HM950, HM951, HM952, HM960, HM1200, HM1201, HM1205, HM1300, HM1500, HM1800, HM2000, HM2500, HB2000, HB2200, HB2500, HB3000, HB3600, HB4200, HB5800, HB7000, MB500, MB700, MB750, MB800, MB1000, MB1200, MB1500, MB1700, MB2000, MB2500.