Technical Spesifications of Steel ProductsTURN BACK

Ironmak Machinery has been manufacturing any kind of steel products and our product range consisted;

·         Front Head,

·         Lower Bushing,

·         Upper Bushing,

·         Thrust Ring,

·         Buffer Ring,

·         Tie Rod,

·         Side Bolt,

·         Piston,

·         Retainer Bar,

·         Retaining Pin,

·         Bolt,

·         Plug,

·         Wear Bush,

·         Through Bolt,

·         Chisels,

·         Service Kit

for the brands like Atlas Copco, Krupp, Furukawa, Soosan, DNB, MTB, Daemo, Rammer, MSB, Kwangling, Komac, OKB, JHB, Montabert, Indeco, Hanwoo, Mega, Fine, Seba, D&A etc. since 25 years.



Hydraulic Rock Breaker Parts were producted in accordance with Europe standards with 25 years accumulation of experience by Ironmak Machinery.

Materials used in our stud manufacturing, as in the all steel equipments, are made of 4340 kind of materials by heat threatment so that increase the usage life as same as original parts.

All pin set material of hydraulic rock breakers from a special material are produced for you by compressing high temperature (forging system) with a system more resistant to impact and abrasion.

All lower bushings, upper bushings & thrust rings belonging to the hydraulic rock breaker models are available in our stock.Bushing materials contain corrosion resistant elements such as nickel, manganese, etc.. In this way, hydraulic rock breakers bushes continue to work for longer wear without ablation.